A One-Month Moving Packing Guide

When you are moving, it is usually advisable to start packing in advance. It takes time to go through your belongings, and it takes considerable time to pack everything up carefully. If you know you are moving, and you have four weeks to get ready, it is wise to take full advantage of all that time. Four Weeks Out You will want to focus on packing up things you don't regularly use at a month out.

3 Smart Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit

If you are thinking about renting a self-storage unit, it is essential to understand some general advice that will help you use your self storage unit more effectively. Smart Tip #1: Purchase a Strong Lock With a self-storage unit, you are required to provide your lock and increase your storage unit's security. When it comes to purchasing a lock for your storage unit, you will not want to go and purchase a cheap lock at your local supermarket.