A One-Month Moving Packing Guide

When you are moving, it is usually advisable to start packing in advance. It takes time to go through your belongings, and it takes considerable time to pack everything up carefully. If you know you are moving, and you have four weeks to get ready, it is wise to take full advantage of all that time.

Four Weeks Out

You will want to focus on packing up things you don't regularly use at a month out. This is when you should pack up out-of-season items, such as holiday decorations as well as seasonal toys and clothing.

Pack up surplus items, such as your extra linens you keep for your beds, and your extra towels.

This is also an excellent time to pack up any collectible items you have. For example, if you collect teacups, pack them up. Or if you collect Star Wars figurines, pack them up. These are items you will want to spend time carefully pack up to ensure they don't get damaged, but they are not items you need to use regularly.

Three Weeks Out

At three weeks out, it is time to start packing up artwork and decorations around your home. Take your time to wrap up these items, and be sure to mark the items as fragile.

This is also an excellent time to pack up all the items you don't use daily in your kitchen. For example, when you pack up your wine glasses and beer mugs, fine china, and specialized tools and equipment you don't use regularly.

Two Weeks Out

At two weeks out, it is time to start packing up entertainment items. This is when you should pack up your books and DVDs. If you have children, allow them to keep out a few toys and pack up the rest of their toys.

Pack up all your line items except what needs to be used immediately. These items will be packed up on a moving day; get the boxes ready for those items.

Secure any jewelry or other small, fragile items you have.

One Week Out

At a week out, it is time to start packing up everyday items. Pack up your electronics and kitchen equipment. Pack up all your clothing, except for a small bag or suitcase with about a weeks' worth of clothing for each member of your household. Pack up medication and bathroom supplies.

This is when you need to pack up the rest of your kitchen. Eat out for the last few days you are in your home.

2 Days Before Moving Day

About two days before your move, it is time to pack up your furniture and appliances that you are moving. Add padding to the edges of furniture to keep things from getting banged up. Disassembly any furniture that can be broken down into smaller parts.

Now is the time to take down your curtains, vacuum your rugs, and pack up any large furnishing

Moving Day

On moving day, it is time to pack up and remove your bedding from all your beds. You will want to pack up your toiletries and put your bag with the clothing you packed in advance. After all, the moving is done, and you have cleaned everything up, be sure to pack up your cleaning supplies.

With moving, you want to start packing items you don't use regularly and slowly work towards packing up the items you use the closer to moving day. Taking your time and spreading out packing will reduce your moving stress and allow you time to safely pack up all of your items.

If you need more advise on how to pack up for your move, contact local moving companies for details on how they can help you smooth our your moving process.