3 Smart Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit

If you are thinking about renting a self-storage unit, it is essential to understand some general advice that will help you use your self storage unit more effectively.

Smart Tip #1: Purchase a Strong Lock

With a self-storage unit, you are required to provide your lock and increase your storage unit's security. When it comes to purchasing a lock for your storage unit, you will not want to go and purchase a cheap lock at your local supermarket.

Instead, you are going to want to invest in a sturdy lock. Look for a lock with at least a five-pin cylinder locking mechanism; this makes the lock much harder to pick. Look for a lock that has all-weather properties and is not likely to rust over time. Avoid combinations locks, which are usually easy to cut with a bolt cutter, and go with a sturdier that is harder to cut with a bolt cutter.

The lock is protecting your goods, so take your time to invest in a good lock.  

Smart Tip #2: Keep Access Private

Your storage unit access is not something that you should share. You are going to be given a key code or a key that allows you to access the storage unit area. Don't give away your access code or key. You don't want to allow other people into the storage unit around other people's belongings or your own. The fewer people who have access to the storage units, the safer everyone's belongings are.

Smart Tip #3: Pack Everything Up

Don't just put items into your storage unit. You will want to pack up all the items that you put inside your storage unit. Packing everything up will allow you to protect each item you are putting inside of your storage unit. Packing everything up will also enable you to arrange items in your storage unit more efficiently. When you are working with boxes of similar size, it will be easier for you to arrange items in your storage unit and keep things organized.

You should even pack up your furniture. For example, if you are putting a mattress into storage, place a mattress cover on it. If you are storing a dresser, you will want to put padding around the edges, so it doesn't get bumped, and cover the dresser with a sheet to keep it dust-free.

When renting a storage unit, you will want to purchase a strong lock for your storage unit. Don't give away the access code to the storage facility. Finally, be sure to pack up everything that goes inside of your storage unit. This will help protect your storage unit items and make it easier for you to organize your storage unit.