Tips On Choosing The Right Boxes For Your Self-Storage Unit

When choosing a self-storage unit, one of your main concerns should be the cost and features of the facility. You should also rent a personal storage unit to accommodate all your things. One of the things many people forget to consider when renting self-storage is the type of boxes they use for their belongings. Here are three types of boxes and when to use them for storing your items. 

Cardboard Boxes

Many people choose cardboard boxes because they are light, inexpensive, and easy to pack and stack. Furthermore, you can recycle these boxes when you no longer need them. However, cardboard isn't suited for long-term storage. This is because they are susceptible to damage from conditions like humidity and heat. Cardboard also attracts rodents and bugs. Unless you store cardboard boxes in climate-controlled storage, you risk damaging the boxes and the items inside.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are ideal for long-term storage. These containers can easily be stacked up. One notable advantage of plastic containers is that you don't require tape to put them together. These boxes come with locking lids. There are also clear plastic boxes that help you see what you are storing.

Furthermore, your items are safe inside because the covers of plastic boxes are tightly capped. Therefore, humidity, pests, and dirt cannot easily enter these boxes. The material used for these boxes is also hard, making it impossible for rats to nibble their way in.

Many people avoid buying plastic boxes because they are expensive. If you are storing items for a short duration, you might need to purchase many plastic boxes because they cannot be easily broken down like cardboard containers.

Specialty Boxes

Some items can neither be packed in cardboard nor plastic boxes. These items have specialty boxes made especially for them. Items like flat-screen TVs and dishware should be packed in their unique boxes.

Specialty boxes are good for preventing damage because they feature special inserts that secure items for transport. There are also specialty boxes for clothes. For example, wardrobe boxes are for storing clothes that are best kept hanging. These boxes also protect your clothes from sunlight and excess heat.

When choosing boxes for your self-storage unit, you also have to choose the right size. When choosing a size, consider the space and weight of the boxes. It is also crucial that you remember to label all your boxes. This will help you when organizing the boxes in the storage unit.

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