Are You Ready For Your Local Move? The Ultimate Local Move Checklist

It is tempting to ignore planning your local move until the last minute. Unlike long-distance moves, local moves need less preparation. The paperwork is minimal, and you don't need to update many documents or do extensive research since you are familiar with the area. 

Besides, you can regularly visit your new home before the relocation. The ease of local moves can sometimes deceive homeowners into poor planning. Here is a checklist to ensure you are prepared for the move.


Humans are sentimental beings, and you could hoard items you don't use for their emotional value. Remember, the cost of transporting your items will depend on the number of items, and paying local movers to transport items you will dispose of in your new home is no use.

You can organize a sale for the items you don't use. Set up a garage sale or post them online to make some extra money which will reduce the moving expenses.

Get Moving Supplies in Advance

You will be moving within the state, so it doesn't seem like you need a lot of packing. However, gather supplies a few weeks before the moving day. Buy boxes, wrapping materials, markers, and tape. Get different sizes of boxes to accommodate all your items. You can try checking the liquor stores or local grocery stores for free boxes they might need to dispose of or that they are selling.

Work on Your Transfer Records

After the move, you may need to see a new dentist or doctor closer to your new home. Therefore, you need to work on the transfer records. Arrange for the personal records to be transferred to your new offices. It is best to take care of personal records before your move. After moving, it could be hard to arrange appointments without the information.

Pre-Plan Daycare or Pet Care on the Moving Day

The moving day will be a little busy, with many open doors and gates and divided attention. You can arrange pet or child care to avoid your loved ones escaping while you are busy with the movers. If you can, have a neighbor or a trusted friend stay with the pets or children as you move. You can include their favorite toys and treats when sending them over and pick them up later.

Call a local moving company a month in advance to schedule your move with them. Calling in advance could get you discounts and better rates than calling at the last minute.