Items To Move Yourself On A Long Distance Move

Moving cross country requires quite a bit of planning. One of the most important things to plan is what you can and can't send on the moving truck. The following guide can help you decide what to load into your car for the move.

Hazardous materials

Professional movers are highly limited on the hazardous materials they can transport, in part because of company regulations but also because some materials cannot legally be transported across state lines. Your moving company can give you a specific list of items that they won't move. Generally, this includes firearms, ammunition, fertilizers, explosives, and flammable materials like paint thinner. You will need to check federal and local regulations before attempting to move these items in your own vehicle, as well. For example, transporting firearms legally requires looking up the laws in each state you will be traveling through and abiding by them in the storage of the weapons.

Important documents

Although not illegal to pack onto a moving truck, it's a better idea to keep your important documents on hand so there is little chance of losing them. This includes birth certificates, medical cards, marriage certificates, and important contracts like deeds and titles. Before moving, make a physical copy or a digital copy of all your documents and entrust it somewhere safe, such as encrypted online storage or with someone you trust.

Necessary medications

You may be convinced that you won't need your backup glasses or extra prescriptions before you get to your new home, but why take chances? Important medications should be kept on you, not only because you may need them but also to avoid damage to the medications. Moving trucks can get hot inside, particularly in the summer. This heat can affect some medications and ruin their effectiveness.

Comfort items

In a perfect world, your moving truck will arrive before you and you will have the necessities unpacked by nightfall. Things are rarely perfect, though, so it's better to be prepared. Throw an inflatable mattress or two into your car along with some bedding. Bring along towels and toiletry items as well. This way you know your basic needs will be met when you first arrive. If you have some extra space, you may even want to pack a couple of cooking implements and some picnic ware so you can make simple meals as you wait for your movers to arrive. This also means you won't be in a rush to unpack simply because you are tired or hungry.

For more help, contact a moving service in your area.