Tips For Protecting A Mattress In Storage

Want to ensure a good night's rest, night after night? If the answer is yes, special attention must be paid to keeping the mattress in great condition - even when it's in storage. Ensure the mattress comes out of storage in the same condition it went in as; here are some tips to keep in mind.

Choose the Right Unit

Protecting a mattress begins with the right storage unit. For long-term storage needs, it's best to choose an inside unit that is climate controlled. Outdoor units are more at risk for pests, which can get inside the mattress. Outdoor units are also not climate-controlled. The extreme temperature fluctuations can increase the risk of mold development on the surface of the mattress.

Clean First

Clean the mattress before placing it inside a storage unit. Start by vacuuming both sides of the mattress to remove any debris. This step can then be followed by a wipe down with a mattress cleaner. If this type of cleaner is unavailable, an upholstery cleaning solution can work just as well. Cleaning the mattress is important because it helps remove debris or bacteria that could lead to discoloration or mildew growth.

Invest in a Cover

It's a good idea to invest in a protective cover to keep the mattress clean and damage free. This is an especially important step if the mattress will be placed in storage for a significant period. It's best to avoid the cheap route, such as using a plastic trash bag or tarp. Mattress covers are made from breathable materials that don't hold moisture like plastic, which can also increase the risk for mold development.

Don't Store on Its Side

Never store a mattress on its side. For mattresses, or any other piece of furniture, for that matter, it's best to store them in the same orientation in which they are typically used. So, since a mattress is used when lying flat, it's best to also store it in this manner. If you store the mattress on its side, this can cause it to lose its natural shape. It's also best to make sure there aren't any objects resting on top of the mattress.

Remember that just what type of condition the mattress will be in after it comes out of storage has everything to do with how it's stored away. Keep these tips in mind to ensure the mattress is protected. Contact a facility, like Security Self Storage, for more help.