4 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

While there is some excitement to look forward to during a move, the process tends to be disruptive and stressful as well. Hiring a moving company to help with the process of packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings is a great way to take some of the pressure off. Here are four important considerations to make when consulting with potential moving companies and deciding which one to hire.


You probably have a specific schedule in mind as to when you want to be out of your old house and settled into your new one, so it's important to make sure that the potential moving companies you consult with can meet your scheduling needs before you hire one. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting days or even weeks to get into your new home even if you've specified when you'd like the moving to be done ahead of time.

Some moving companies will not schedule you onto a roster to ensure that your move is complete by a certain date. Instead, they'll fit the job in with other clients they are working for at the time, which could put you behind schedule even if it's just by a day or two. To ensure that your move takes place exactly when you want it to, ask potential movers to provide you with a guarantee in writing that your moving dates and timelines will be met.

Supply Access

Most moving companies stock a variety of moving supplies for their clients to make use of during the weeks and days leading up to their move, but it isn't always convenient to access these supplies. You shouldn't have to drive all the way across town to pick up boxes when you need them or wait several days before they're delivered.

Make sure that the company you decide to hire will deliver moving supplies within two hours of requesting them or that they have an outlet conveniently located near your home so you can easily get what you need when you are running errands or on the way home from work. It's also a good idea to obtain a supply price list from each moving company you consult with so you can compare the prices side by side at home and see which one is likely to save you the most money on your overall supply needs.

Insurance Options

Because the moving company you hire will be responsible for moving and transporting your belongings even when you aren't personally there to supervise, it's essential that you make sure that insurance options are offered as part of the service you're getting. During your initial consultations with moving companies, find out what can and can't be covered under their insurance plans, how much the deductibles are, and when the coverage starts and ends.

You should also find out beforehand how all of your belongings will be cataloged for insurance reasons. Some companies may need to come to your home and catalog your stuff before you start packing, and others will allow you to provide them with a list of items that you'd like insurance coverage for.

Household Requirements

Another thing to consider is the household requirements each moving company you consider hiring has. Will you be required to remove all of your pets before the movers show up to pack your belongings and put them in the truck? Are children allowed in the vicinity while the heavy loading and unloading take place? Are there special floor protectors that you'll be expected to put down to accommodate the movers?

The more you know about what's expected of you before, during, and after the move, the less chance you'll have of facing delays or problems. Bring copies of these questions and more with you to each consultation, and ask the moving companies to fill the forms out while you're there so you can study them at home while deciding who to hire.

These considerations should help ensure that the moving company you ultimately decide to hire meets all of your needs, preferences, and expectations throughout the entirety of your move.