Wardrobe Boxes: 3 Alternative Uses For Packing & Moving

Moving from home to home requires a lot of organization if you want things to go smoothly. The moving materials that you use during a move can make a big difference on the way things are organized and prepared. When packing and moving clothing items, one way to stay neatly organized is with wardrobe boxes. These boxes open at the top and contain a solid bar area that is typically used for coat hangers. As you hire a packing service company to help with your move, there are three different ways you can use wardrobe boxes for items other than clothes. Taking advantage of the unique box design can help you stay organized and ensure that the move goes smoothly. Browse through each of these methods to help you brainstorm different ideas and get the most use out of your wardrobe boxes.

Curtains & Window Treatments

Folding and packing curtain or window treatments can end up creating wrinkles or musty smells that requires extra work before you can hang them up in your new home. By using a wardrobe box, a packing service can neatly organize the curtains and allow them to hang freely from the bar at the top of the box. When the box is moved to the new home, it's easy to lift the curtains out and hang them up straight from the box. If you have a lot of curtains, they can be carefully layered over the bar in the wardrobe box. Additional forms for window treatments like window shades and valances can also be stored in these boxes. The vertical size of the boxes can also help fit the curtain rods and hangers right inside of the box without damaging any of the curtain materials.

Electronic Cables

When packing electronics, it's easy to suddenly find yourself with a bundle of cables and wires that take several minutes to undo and organize. By using a wardrobe box, all of the cables can be neatly hung and spread out so that they do not tangle and the devices are easy to set up in a new home. Smaller devices like cable boxes or DVD players can be wrapped in bubble wrap and neatly placed at the bottom of the wardrobe box. The necessary cables can then hang from the bar. Some packing services may wrap the cables around the bar one time to create a more secure hold on the bar while the box is being moved. This can help prevent the cable from sliding off the bar and falling to the bottom of the box. Small colored pieces of tape can help distinguish what cables belong to specific devices. For example, you may use small pieces of red tape for everything that goes to the cable box. Small pieces of blue tape may go to all of the cables and wires associated with a gaming console.

Holiday Decorations

Moving holiday items in wardrobe boxes is not only a great way to get the items from home to home, but it's a good way to permanently store the items between each holiday. Christmas lights are one of the more common items that can be used in wardrobe boxes. Coiling or bunching the lights can easily cause knots, even with the slightest movements. By hanging the lights off of the wardrobe box bar, they are less likely to tangle and a lot easier to pull out when they are needed to get hung. A packing service can also use the wardrobe boxes to pack other holiday decorations like tree tinsel, tablecloths, or any special holiday banners that you may hang up in your home. The bottom of these boxes can be used to store small items like ornaments or stockings.

Moving companies may offer wardrobe boxes for sale while you pack. Purchasing these boxes directly from them can make it easier to get started and allow for easier organization.